Adress: 9730 Kőszeg, Várkör 44
Reception: +36 94 500-400
NTAK Number: SZ22034558


Breakfast buffet:

Start your day with our signature buffet breakfast, a spread of fruit, pastries and yoghurt, alongside favourites like cold cuts and cheeses. You can have hot dishes like bacon and eggs too.

The hotel's kitchen fulfills several tasks. Breakfast for hotel guests and dinner for our groups. At the same time, here you can find meals for students and teachers who work at the school, as well as a place for the daily study and professional exams of our students with professional qualifications. In our restaurant there is a training kitchen, where you can often see during the breakfast meal how the training of future gastronomy professionals takes place.

Since we have to adapt our restaurant to the conditions of the exam during the exam period, there are always a few days in May-June when we cannot serve our guests or only to a limited extent. We are happy to make this compromise in order to create space for the training of future specialists.

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